Friday, April 30, 2010

Apart from having a message to send, a reputable mail server to send it from, and a list of people to send it to, none of the above constitutes a “must have” for successful communications. The balance your particular organization strikes between tools and features, brainpower and the people to make use of them will depend on your mission and the part mass emails play in carrying it out.
And no set of features will make a successful email strategy. Having the staff time and training to create great content, build the right email list, and utilize reports wisely is more important than having a highly sophisticated tool set. The level of time and energy you invest in your email strategy is likely to be directly reflected in the success of your emails.
But considering what types of emails you are most likely to send can be a real help in determining priorities and the features that have real value to you. With some careful choices, you can find a tool that’s great for the things that matter: managing time and resources more wisely, improving the perception of your organization and deepening your relationship with your constituents, all without breaking your budget.